Scalebound Has Bizarrely Returned To The Xbox Store

The Scalebound cancellation fiasco just took a weird turn.

Microsoft removed Scalebound from the Xbox Store (and deleted every trailer on its official channels), but after months and months of it being removed, it has returned back to the Xbox Store as a listing in the last few days.

My first thought was that Microsoft could be gearing up to re-reveal the game at E3 with a new developer (Microsoft own the IP), but Platinum Games is still listed as the developer on the Xbox Store listing.

This means that it’s most likely a glitch and was put back on the store by mistake, but it’s still very interesting to see. The cancellation of Scalebound hit hard with Xbox gamers due to the fact that the Xbox One has lacked games by Japanese developers, so if it were to make a return, it’d be a huge get for the Xbox brand. t

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