Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Specs Are Targeting “The Most Powerful Console”, To Pause And Resume Multiple Games

GameSpot were lucky enough to sit down with Phil Spencer prior to The Games Awards reveals of Microsoft’s next big console, the Xbox Series X.

While he spoke about the controller at length with the outlet, he also talked about the console itself and some of the goals Microsoft is setting for it.

The console itself will have a 12 teraflop GPU, designed with the aim of having “the most powerful console” on the market. Additionally, it’s said to have a CPU speed four times the speed of the Xbox One X. Surprised himself, Phil also mentioned that the console has been designed to be as quiet, if not quieter than an Xbox One X, with the fan being situated at the top, back end of the new tower.

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The full kicker? The console will be able to suspend and resume multiple games simulataneously, and full backwards compatibility was reaffirmed.

It’s an interesting chat, and if you’re keen for new hardware I’d recommend you give it a read HERE.

Xbox Series X is scheduled for release during the Holiday season of 2020. Pricing, region availability and launch titles have yet to be confirmed (beyond Halo: Infinite).

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