Xbox Series X Controller

The Xbox Series X Controller Is Smaller, Has A New D-Pad, Better Latency And More

Alongside the Xbox Series X specs that were announced the other day, Microsoft also revealed more information about the Xbox Series X controller.

The controller size has been changed to fit into more hand sizes, especially smaller hands. The controller now has rounded bumpers, a reduced trigger size and more sculpted grips. The triggers and bumpers also now have a tactile dot pattern on them to improve feel and performance during gameplay. They’re also matte to make sure that the buttons feel consistent.

The new D-Pad has been changed to be a mix of the two styles of D-Pad that we see on the Xbox One Elite controller. You’ve still got defined up, down, left right buttons (for precision in certain games such as fighting games) but there’s also that lowered portion of the D-Pad that now allows you to be less accurate with your presses.

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Xbox Series X

We knew that the controller would have a share button, but we now know that it will be used grab a screenshot and capture video without needing to access on-screen menus. You can then share is content to social media platforms or with friends.

In going with Microsoft’s approach to have all accessories be forward and backwards compatible, this controller will also work with PC and Xbox One.