The Ascent

The Ascent Is A Cyberpunk Action Game Coming To Xbox Series X This Year

The Ascent was yet another game revealed during this morning’s Inside Xbox stream, it appears to be another rich and vibrant entry into the cyberpunk sub-genre, though it promises to set itself apart from the rather competitive scene by implementing more traditional sci-fi tropes to its world.

Although the developer Neon Giant is small in stature, they’ve clearly a lot of heart as The Ascent has the polish and presentation of a much bigger studio. The game is said to be a love letter to many of the sci-fi and cyberpunk worlds we grew up with, with looting and body modification at the heart of the experience in a city with huge socioeconomic disparity.

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The game is set to launch this year for Xbox Series X and Xbox One this year.

Like all the other games in the latest Inside Xbox stream, the game will be optimised for Xbox Series X.

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