Obsidian’s Grounded Demo Is Now Available On Xbox One And PC

The playable demo for Obsidian’s upcoming survival adventure Grounded is now live on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam. Ahead of the game’s official launch, scheduled for July 28th, the free preview will be available for six days, ending on June 23rd. For those worried about spending more time downloading the preview than actually playing it, the demo comes in at 3GB in total and will last for thirty minutes, offering a glimpse at Grounded’s upcoming campaign mode. This limited preview will allow players to experience “one day in the life” of Grounded’s single-player gameplay and you can download it by following the steps below:

  • Xbox One players will need to first download the Xbox Insider Hub app on their console
  • PC users can do the same as above on their Windows 10 compatible devices.
  • Steam users will need to navigate to the Grounded Steam storefront to install the demo and can do so by following the link right here as long as they are running Windows 7 or newer on their device.

According to the official listing, PC users will require, at a minimum an Intel Core i3-3225, 4GB RAM, and an NVIDIA GTX 650 Ti. Fortunately, most modern gaming devices will far surpass these relatively basic specifications but to avoid complications, it’s best to check before you install or launch the game anyway.

Grounded is a narrative-driven survival adventure, undeniably inspired by the 1989 sci-fi comedy, Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Grounded tells the story of four teenagers, Max, Willow, Hoops, and Pete, who have been mysteriously transformed into teeny-tiny versions of themselves in an experiment gone wrong. Thrust into the savage ecosystem that lives between the blades of grass in somebody’s backyard; the teenagers must work together, craft, cook, gather and fight for survival in an oddly familiar world filled with everyday objects and common creatures that take on a whole new role when you’re less than an inch tall. Though the demo showcases the single-player experience, the full release will offer online co-op for up to four players, which we had the opportunity to preview at X019 late last year. You can check out what we had to say about the game here.