Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s Campaign Will Be Shown Off At The Xbox Games Showcase

It has been revealed through Halo Waypoint’s Campaign Countdown that our first look at Halo Infinite gameplay will take place at the Xbox Games Showcase.

A small detail that is sure to disappoint some, the first look will feature the game’s campaign only with multiplayer presumably being held off for a separate reveal entirely. Of course, the campaign is long rumoured to be their most ambitious, so to get an understanding of its scope and direction is an exciting prospect.

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A fortnight ago, a tease campaign began that could easily tie into Halo Infinite. It suggested that The Banished could feature as the main antagonist in Halo Infinite, which would see the mainline series and Halo Wars converge in a significant way.

The Xbox Games Showcase airs Friday, July 24 at 2am AEST. More information can be found here.

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