Routine Is Yet Another Horrifying Game Set In Outer Space And It’s Coming To Xbox Game Pass

It's a golden age for sci-fi horror, it seems...

Revealed at this morning’s Summer Games Fest, Routine is perhaps the most Alien looking game of a morning full of them. It has some serious Alien Isolation vibes and is yet another space-set horror game in what’s fast becoming a golden age for the genre.

Routine appears to be set upon a desolate space station that has been taken over by a group of horror-faced machines, one of which makes short work of the player-character after they’re caught snooping and trying to perhaps document the events onboard.

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That’s only a guess based on the super dated camcorder-like device the player has at their disposal.

Routine is developed by Lunar Software and looks to be coming exclusively to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, and will of course be an Xbox Game Pass title at launch.