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Xbox Will Have Over 30 Playable Summer Game Fest Demos Next Week For A Limited Time

Play a ton of unreleased games!

Xbox has announced a week-long demo event starting next week as part of Summer Game Fest, where users will be able to sample over 30 upcoming games direct from their Xbox consoles.

The event starts on June 21st and runs until June 27th (local dates might differ slightly), at which time the demos will disappear again so it’s worth keeping an eye out and jumping in if you’re keen!

Xbox promises these demos aren’t the typical slice of a finished product that you’d see closer to a game launching, rather they’re ‘show floor’ type builds of games still in development so it’s a great opportunity to see how these games are shaping up behind closed doors. Think of it like the current Steam Next Fest demo event (which you should get around while you still can – here are our picks of what to play!)

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The full list of available demos hasn’t been published yet but so far we know we’ll be able to play the below:

The above demos are also available early, so click the links above to download them to your linked Xbox!