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Xbox’s New Indie Selects Program Is Here To Put Great Indies In The Spotlight

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Xbox has just revealed – and launched – a brand new program dubbed “Indie Selects,” with the aim of improving visibility and discoverability for great indie games as well as give the developers of some of the best indies some well-deserved recognition.

Indie selects will expand the ID@Xbox team’s work in supporting independent games on the platform by providing a curated and dedicated collection within the Xbox Store that sits in a permanent hub and features games hand-picked by the team, as well as boosting on social media and other Xbox-operated channels.

There are multiple channels and rotating themes to help folks discover their next favourite game, and once at the end of every month a showcase of six titles will earn themselves the honour being the “Indie Selects” of the month. These games will be featured prominently on social channels as well as in dedicated Xbox Wire articles and will even get their own “digital award” featuring the Indie Selects logo.

“So why are we doing this?” the Xbox Wire blog post announcing the program asks. “The short answer: we love games made by independent developers, and we want more people to discover them, buy them, and play them! We know there are a lot of games out there right now, and it can be difficult for unique titles to find an audience in crowded marketplaces. With a dedicated, permanent, curated collection in the  Xbox Store, we’ll be able to bring more attention to games that we feel are particularly special – everything from current favorites, to older gems, to games from new creators from around the world.”

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If you’ve got an Xbox console, you can jump on there right now to see the beginnings of the Indie Select program, including a personal favourite categor in “Games to Play With Your Cat.”