Starfield’s Shattered Space Expansion Is Coming This Spring With A New Update Out Very Soon


In a new interview with Greg Miller on the Kinda Funny Gamescast, Bethesda’s Todd Howard has revealed that Shattered Space, the promised first big story expansion for last year’s sci-fi RPG epic, Starfield, will launch at some point this “Fall” or, in our hemisphere, Spring.

Speaking about some of the things that Starfield players have and haven’t enjoyed about the game so far, Howard revealed that a new update is also set to be revealed over the coming days and enter Steam Beta. He didn’t delve much further into it than that, but it seems like it’ll touch on ship building as well as oft-requested map improvements in cities.

“Shattered Space is in the Fall,” he told Miller. “But we have a big update that’s coming really soon and does a lot of stuff, mostly because you kept mentioning it in particular, we redid the map stuff, so we have some city map stuff.”

In the same interview, it was also revealed that work on releasing Starfield’s Creation Kit is already underway with some creators already in possession and more news on the horizon.

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The whole episode is well worth a listen/watch, with Miller and Howard talking about the Fallout TV show, Bethesda’s plans for that franchise and the potential for collaborations with other studios and creatives, what the studio has learned from Starfield, other games and advancements in the industry and a heap more over a stacked hour. You can check it out below:

We gave Starfield a 9/10 in our review when it launched last year, with Brodie writing, “If what you’re hoping for is The Elder Scrolls or Fallout in space, then Starfield is that. Not only does it have countless stories begging to be sought out against a vast and beckoning star chart, it’s also the most polished Bethesda Game Studios title we’ve ever had.”