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The MEGA Showcase Xbox 360 Is A Buildable Scale Model With Working Lights And It’s Finally In Aussie Stores

And yes, it has a disc drive.

Although it launched quite a few months ago in other markets, the very neat-looking MEGA Showcase Microsoft Xbox 360 buildable model has finally landed in Aussie stores.

This 3:4 scale replica from MEGA is a pricey but genuinely cool little kit that not only allows Xbox 360 fans to build a blocky model of the iconic first iteration of the console and controller, but it also includes a replica Halo 3 game and disc that you can actually place inside the console’s “disc drive” to activate its “motherboard” and working lights. There’s actually a fair amount of internal detail on display when you open it up to put the disc inside, and it even comes in the classic original Xbox 360 packaging. I think that’s pretty neat.

The MEGA Showcase Microsoft Xbox 360 is in-stock and available right now at Big W stores and the official Mattel online store, and EB Games is also taking pre-orders for shipments expected in May. You can find those links below:

mega 360

And here’s what the official description has to say about this bit of kit:

“Inspired by the most influential gaming console of its time, this collector building set celebrates the legacy of the Xbox 360. Jump back in with a fully buildable light-up console and controller. The console opens to reveal a disc drive; place the Halo 3-themed disc inside to activate the motherboard. Adult builders take note: completing this set unlocks the ultimate achievement!

“Jump in and relive your nostalgia with this buildable Xbox 360 3/4 scale model. Grab yours today!”


  • Disc drive
  • Halo 3-themed disc to activate motherboard
  • Console and controller with working lights


  • Removable hard drive and side shell panels
  • Bricks and pieces combine with all MEGA building sets and are compatible with other name brands


  • Size: 22.86cm tall approx.
  • Number of Pieces: 1342
  • Age: Ideal for ages 18+