Redfall’s Content Roadmap And Offline Mode Have Been Cancelled With Developer Arkane Austin Shut Down

In the red.

Redfall, Arkane Austin’s original vampire-hunting multiplayer effort from last year, didn’t exactly have the best launch with poor critical reviews and a flat reception from players. But while it might not have caught on like the studio and Xbox had hoped, it was still being worked on in the background and a full roadmap of content was planned that many players had already paid for.

Now, those content plans have been scrapped along with the recently-revealed closure of Arkane Austin (as well as Tango Gameworks and others). This means that Redfall will receive no further content or non-critical updates, and its planned roadmap will not go ahead. The game will remain online, however, and is still available for purchase on Xbox and PC or download via Game Pass.

For those that have already spent money on the game’s Bite Back Edition or various upgrades to get the Hero Pass, publisher Bethesda is offering a credit to the value of the added content. The process is seemingly still being finalised but anyone wanting to claim that can find all of the details as they arrive here.

Along with the news of closures and scrapped plans, IGN has reported that the team was incredibly close to launching a major update to the game, which would have released this month. The Hero Pass content was also reportedly marked to drop around Halloween, and the closure of the studio came as a complete surprise to staff at Arkane Austin.

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Brodie gave Redfall a 6.5/10 in his review last year, saying, “Redfall is a gold dust-rare miss for what has been a very consistent deliverer of quality video games. If you are able to look beyond the game’s several questionable design choices, Redfall can serve up just a small bite of mindless fun beneath the island’s black hole sun.”