Starfield’s New Major Update Is Out Now With 60FPS/120Hz Modes And New Maps

And updated maps!

Update: The new major update for Starfield is now out across all platforms, giving players access to the new features described below including a heap of great new visual and performance settings on console, brand-new maps and new gameplay and quality-of-life improvements.

You can see all of what’s new in the original story below:

Original Story 1/5: After Todd Howard confirmed it was on the way shortly, Bethesda has now officially unveiled Update 4 for Starfield and it’s promising to be the biggest suite of improvements to the game since it launched last year. It brings with it some highly-requested features, making it a fairly exciting development for fans or anyone who’s been holding out for some important additions – like new performance options and hugely improved maps.

Here’s what’s coming in the update when it lands on May 15th:


Easily one of the most-requested features for those of us with little sense of direction, Bethesda has completely overhauled its map and waypoint systems. The updated maps now show the full terrain and points of interest for the area you’re in, and new on-screen waypoint markers have been added when exploring the game’s major cities so you can see the locations of shops and other important locations and fast travel to them easily. It’s a night-and-day improvement.


The new update also packs new options to change up gameplay, including the ability to increase vendor credits and carry capacity or access your ship cargo from anywhere through your player inventory. You’ll also be able to adjust things like food effects, environmental hazards and the difficulty of space or on-foot combat independent of one another. Lastly there’ll be a new Extreme difficulty to take on if you’re brave.

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The new update also adds a huge amount of new interior customisation for player ships, similar to the current outpost decoration, including empty modules to dress up from scratch and more flexibility in the ship’s layout.


Bethesda’s also adding new display options for Xbox Series X players, including a 60FPS mode and more options for those playing on VRR displays at 120Hz. There will now be the choice of four different framerate targets – 30, 40, 60 or Uncapped, with the 40 and Uncapped options only available to those with VRR/120Hz-ready displays.

Along with these you’ll also be able to prioritise visuals or performance, independently of your chosen framerate target, though Bethesda recommends switching to Performance mode if you’re choosing a frame rate target of 60 or above. Choosing Performance will lower the internal resolution and detail for special effects, lighting, and crowds, and both modes should adjust internal resolution dynamically when needed to keep up with the framerate target.


In addition to all of the above, Bethesda is promising a bunch of quality-of-life improvements including being able to keep dialogue scenes in the camera mode you’re using for gameplay, updated menu tabs, the ability to change your appearance and traits when starting New Game Plus and more.

Bethesda’s even put together a whole five-minute video on Update 4 to talk over these new features, so check that out below: