We’re 100% Sold On The New God Of War

On Episode 135 of The Start Cast, Ewan, Steven, James and Brodie spoke about why they’re 100% sold on the new God Of War, based on some of the new gameplay mechanics as well as the overwhelmingly good reviews.

You can listen to the podcast below (or on iTunes HERE) or read a bit of the chat below:

Ewan: God Of War is getting crazy good reviews. Shannon wrote our review on Press Start declaring it a cinematic masterpiece, giving it a 9/10. It’s currently sitting at 95 on Metacritic. Brodie are you 100% sold on this game?

Brodie: Yes. I already was. I was a big fan of God Of War, but was beginning to get bored of the older games. But because they’ve modernised it, and gotten with the times by making it more cinematic. They’ve added that extra character, which I think will make Kratos more likeable (let’s face it he’s pretty much a dick in the previous games). But yeah, I’m all in.

James: I think it’s really good though. They’ve not gone in the same direction as Bayonetta or Devil May Cry. They’ve gone their own way. It’s not a game I cared about when it was first announced, but obviously the reviews have been quite good and it’s a different beast to the first four. It seems very cool, and it’s coming at a good time where I have nothing to play. Even if I wasn’t interested, I’d probably still play it just because April is quite a dead month.

Brodie: I think the most refreshing change on the new God of War, based on the little bit that I’ve played, but the combat is so much better now. It’s slower, more methodical and definitely more strategic, there’s no button-mashing at all, and way more enemy types where some have certain weaknesses, so it’s more nuanced and way more interesting.

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Ewan: Based on your experience Brodie, how much are you encountering enemies?

Brodie: I’d say it’s similar to Uncharted 4. You’ll get chunks of story, between enemies, where you’ll get to meet new characters. Some of the fights are also pretty hairy. I’m playing on one of the medium difficulties and it’s been quite hard so far. I know Shannon criticised the pacing, but i haven’t experienced that at all yet. I’m liking the pacing.

Ewan: Can we now expect every PlayStation exclusive to be similar in the sense that it’ll be a big action-packed blockbuster with third-person, over the shoulder gameplay?

Steven: Yes, but I hope not. I can see them sticking to this formula, because it’s working. They’re all different, but they have a lot the same underlying systems, and general looks. I don’t know, I don’t want them to fall on this crutch. Old original PlayStation was so incredible, because the exclusive lineup was diverse, but we’re losing that a little bit. We’ve still got those indies, but the major AAA games are definitely relying on this formula.

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