EB Expo: Batman Impressions – Arkham Origins & Blackgate

Over the course of the weekend I was fortunate enough to be given access to the EB Expo.  I had the opportunity to sample some amazing up and coming titles as well as get an in depth view to a few of the games via interviews with developers and insiders of that particular game.

The expo this year stood out far above the previous two in terms of crowd, games, consoles (this gen and next gen) and things to see and do, excellent evidence that even though it is early in its life the EB Expo is getting bigger and better each year.

I will not bore you with finer details of the expo I experienced, to make it quite simple I will make a few key dot points into games I got to sample and leave you wanting more. (Don’t worry, majority of these games release before Christmas so you will not be waiting long)

Batman Arkham Origins

  • You are instantly drawn in the sheer size of this world and compared to Arkham City is astonishingly larger! So vast and open and includes an amazing amount of verticality in Gotham for that true Dark Knight experience.
  • Graphics are flawless both during game play and during cut scenes; voice acting is also in the same boat. Nails the tone when needed and Batman, although not Kevin Conroy, (to many the one and only voice of Batman) Roger Craig Smith does a brilliant job capturing the younger Batman in this game.
  • New enemies are present in Arkham Origins, I found myself being challenged by mammoth humans, similar to Titans for previous games minus the charge attack and enemies that could counter and defend my counter defences, certainly more variations to be found and adding exceptional variety to gameplay.
  • From the small piece I got to sample the control layout mirrors that of Arkham City so don’t expect to go through a confusing learning curve after adapting to previous games.
  • I was excited for Origins from announcement and given the small taste I sampled, October 25th cannot come fast enough!
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Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate

  • For a portable this games doesn’t skip out on visuals capturing the very essence of previous Arkham games, which was pleasantly surprising.
  • Once again controls mirror that of Arkham Origins, City and Asylum. So expect to feel extremely comfortable during gameplay.
  • At first I was not quite sure how 2.5D would work with Blackgate, although very different to other Arkham games it works well enough for what it is trying to accomplish, which is a portable Batman.
  • Being released alongside Arkham Origins, I was a little hesitant to invest into Blackgate but now I can well and truly say I’m sold on it!