LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Review

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Lego Batman 2 has it’s own original storyline set in the DC Universe. We see Lex Luthor teaming up with a bunch of DC baddies whilst running for president. Batman and Robin fly in to try and save the day. Batman adds the cast of the DC universe to try and take Lex Luthor down. The story of Lego Batman 2 does extremely well to give fans of both series a new storyline set in the DC universe whilst still maintaining the beloved LEGO humour.

Traveller’s Tale have done an amazing job with the graphics considering the game world is extremely large. Every level has a distinct look and feel which really made the game feel unique from the previous entries in the LEGO franchise. I had a few issues with slowdown of the framerate however nothing to the point that impacted the gameplay.

Lego Batman 2 has the typical sounds that you’d expect out of a LEGO game with the addition of some sound effects from the DC universe. The sounds can get repetitive however I found that it added to the overall charm of the game. Nothing makes you feel more heroic than running around Gotham City to the music from Batman.

The addition of the Wii U Gamepad allows for many different play styles. The default way the game has you playing is to use your gamepad as the map and playing the game on the TV. You can also use OFF TV play to send the whole image to your gamepad. I played most of the game this way as I meant that I could play the game whilst doing other things. The gamepad really fixed the multiplayer aspect of this game. You can play with one player on the gamepad and the other on the TV screen. This was something that hasn’t really been done on the WiiU yet and I hope that more games use this feature.

The one thing that I found annoying was that you had to use a Wii Remote as the secondary player. I really enjoy using my Pro controller on the Wii U and i’ve found that most games enable the use of it however Lego Batman 2 does not. I feel like i’m going back in time when i’m being forced to use the Wiimote and Nunchuk and this wasn’t a pleasant experience.

DC2 Screen 1
Lego Batman 2 has you progressing through the game chapter by chapter. It has you solving problems using several hero’s abilities together to solve puzzles which will allow you to advance to the next portion of the chapter. Each hero has individual powers so the challenge comes in working out which character you need to use in order toe advance throughout the level. I recommend playing through the game with a friend otherwise you will need to swap characters regularly which breaks the flow of the game.

I really enjoyed exploring Gotham City. I was really amused by finding collectables and spent a bunch of time exploring random tall buildings. Once you’ve completed the story is when you’re able to freeroam and choose any character you want to roam and find scattered collectables.

I would pickup LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes if you haven’t played the original on other consoles. The game is a bunch of fun to play with someone else. If you’ve played the original then i’d only recommend to pick this up if you really love playing games using Off TV play.