Hotline Miami Review

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[gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”Hotline Miami” developers=”Dennation Games” publishers=”Devolver Digital” platforms=”PS3/VITA/PC” genres=”” release_date=”Out Now” version_played=”Vita/PS3″]

hotline maimi story
Taking place in building’s basking in the 1980’s Miami ‘neon glow’. You play as an anonymous character, which gaming lore has named “Jacket”. Waking up in your apartment you receive mysterious messages on your phone with the underlying task of killing everyone at the named location. Once the area is cleared of enemies, this unnamed killer then travels to one of a variety of locations, be it a bar, video store or pizza shop. Where time after time, he is met by the same attendant (no matter the store) who then offers some insight to the horrific mass murders that are occurring. (As well as free products from that particular store)

This independent developer presents a game with courageous style, illustrates a very basic story but is explored wonderfully through the use of locations and conversation between different characters.

hotline miami presentation
Upon start up for the Vita entry it is advised to wear headphones. This is easily the best advice given throughout the game. The soundtrack to Hotline Miami is amazing! The music sets the atmosphere to this game amazingly, from the frantic shootouts to the relaxed tone of your apartment. Being a top down game, graphics are presented in a pixelated form and done superbly with the colors that seem to pop out of the screen. For a top down 2D perspective there is an incredible amount of detail to the various locations and characters. Particularly in the form of bullets firing, the damage they cause and the chaos of the kills, bucket loads of blood and dismembered body parts lying across the floor.

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hotline miami gameplay
This game is fun, addictive and incredibly hard to put down, so much fun in fact I had to get my Vita back from my girlfriend to complete this review.

But getting back to business, before beginning your mission you will be given the option of selecting from a variety of masks to not only protect your identity but also provide various advantages throughout your mission. Once inside you will find a variety of different weapons ranging from close combat tools such as glass bottles, shivs even samurai swords and then much longer ranged weapons like rifles, shotguns and pistols. More weapons and masks will be unlocked upon your score for chaining together kills, timing, etc.

Hotline Miami Screen
Controls are fluent and movement is smooth creating the perfect environment to manoeuvre accordingly when over whelmed by enemies who are just a killable as yourself, one hit kills apply to enemies and for the player. Which is counteracted by the awesome function of being able to restart the instant you die. Giving you the opportunity to play, then make adjustments to your killing spree as needs be to complete your mission.

Plenty of fun is to be had in this vastly colourful world, with the soundtrack setting the atmosphere and frantic addictive gameplay in amongst the blood soaked buildings. Adding to the fact that this is a Cross-buy opportunity on the Playstation store is a perfect reason to take a break and indulge yourself in this fantastic world created by independent Dennation Games, they have truly set a high bar for themselves and I cannot wait to see what their sequel will hold.

hotline miami conclusion