Review: Lemmings Touch

Lemmings is a long running puzzle series. The aim of the game is to get the Lemmings from point A to B whilst navigating obstacles and deterrents across a variety of different worlds.

This game certainly isn’t going to be pushing the powerful handheld to its max but it does have a solid looking foundation and decent soundtrack. Perhaps the best part of the soundtrack is the little grunts and nudges that Lemmings give you when you sit your Vita in idle too long for their liking.

As you progress through your game the backdrop of your levels change; here you will see the intricate details that go into the game and give it the majority of its charm. Themed worlds like Egypt that have hieroglyphic etchings on pillars and sandstone decay on bricks, to the flames and skulls that decorate of the Hell stages make up this aesthetically beautiful game.

Utilising the touch screen capabilities of the Vita perfectly, the Lemmings series has received a great entry to the handheld. A fluent and responsive touch system is at the heart of this game.

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Lemmings mindlessly wander ever closer toward their goal (or demise) and it is up to the player to get them there safely. Drag your finger across the screen to pan and get a quick overview of the obstacles ahead. Tap to select a particular Lemming and command him to do a particular task. It may be to build a staircase over a small wall, while another Lemming can be commanded to block the others paths to stop them falling to their doom before the said staircase is completed. There are countless combinations and varying obstacles that require precise timing and lots of planning if you wish to get these little fellas home.

Scores are gained and points are accumulated for completing levels under a set amount of time whilst sparing the lives of as many of the Lemmings as you can.