Nacon Revolution Pro Controller PS4 Review – The Controller Hardcore Gamers Deserve


Since the release of the Xbox One Elite Controller, Sony gamers have been longing for a pro controller on the PlayStation 4. Gamers were previously able to go through companies such as Scuf, who literally customise official controllers but these weren’t easily accessible in stores.

Many thought that with the announcement of the PlayStation 4 Pro 4, Sony would release a Pro controller, instead opting to make minor adjustments to the DualShock 4. They have relied on two tech companies to create a more pro solution, one being the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller which is priced at $179 AUD.

The Revolution Pro Features 1 Concave Stick and 1 Convex Stick

Essentially, the first thing you’ll notice about the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller is that it is a wired controller, which may turn people off, but this is due to the fact that this controller is aimed at hardcore and competitive players. It’s well-known that a wired controller removes any form of interference and lag in transmission, which is essential for competitive and online play. The 3m wire is removable and can be stored within the beautiful case that you get with the controller.

The Nacon Revolution Pro controller is incredibly well-built. It’s made of a sturdy material, the analogue sticks are primarily metal which means that they hopefully shouldn’t wear away as quickly as the DualShock 4. You also 3 different weight presets in order to find your ultimate controller comfort.

The Revolution Pro Has Three Different Weight Customisations

Similarly to the Xbox One Elite Controller, The Nacon Revolution Pro Controller sports two buttons on the rear of the controller. This is a god-send for first-person shooters and felt much more natural for the reflexes when aiming and firing. These buttons can essentially be pushed on either side making them customisable to four different buttons. I also found them incredible useful for things such as running and melee attacks, instead of the unreliable L3 and R3 buttons.

The Nacon Revolution Pro Controller sports Asymmetrical sticks which might not be to PlayStation gamers tastes, but it’s much preferred in the competitive space. The left stick is concave whilst the right is convex. This is so you can easily keep your thumb placed on the left stick to move whilst marginally nudging your thumb on the right stick to make minor adjustments whilst aiming. I noticed that the sticks are a tiny bit longer on the Revolution Pro controller. This shouldn’t be an issue for most people, and I found that it allowed for a little bit more control and comfortability.

There’s Four Customisable Buttons On The Back

The d-pad on the Nacon Revolution Pro felt very weird and oddly cheap to me. I’m not one for fighting games and the like, but it definitely felt like there would be some issues with precision. For weapon wheels and such, I could understand why sliding your thumb around would be better suited to this less separated d-pad.

All buttons are customisable and you’re able to save four different profiles with the Nacon Revolution software. You can also change the responsiveness of the analogue sticks and triggers. It’s worth noting for primarily Mac users that this software isn’t available at this stage. Whilst the controller will remain fully compatible with your PS4, you’ll use some of the compatibility options if you’ve only got a Mac at your disposal. I would have liked to have seen some kind of software built in to the PS4 to easily sync up your settings. Obviously Microsoft are able to handle this better with the Xbox One Elite controller as it is a first-party controller.

The 3m Cord Is Versatile and Sturdy

You’ve also got all of the regular DualShock functionality such as the options button, share button, touchpad, PlayStation button and even the light bar. There’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack as you’d find in the DualShock 4. It’s worth noting that despite having these similarities, it isn’t recognised as a DualShock 4 and doesn’t register as one on Steam.


The Nacon Revolution Pro PS4 Controller is definitely superior to the DualShock 4. For competitive players and those who take their gaming seriously, it’s a welcome set up in both quality and precision. The fact that it’s priced at $179 AUD and is wired definitely puts it out of the casual market. If you’re looking to take your gaming to the next level and want a more premium feeling controller, then this might be the one you’re looking for.