Sonos Move Is A Brand New Outdoor Speaker

Sonos has today announced three new products.

The most exciting one is Sonos Move, which is a brand new speaker that’s made for the outdoors. For the first time, it can work with both Wifi and Bluetooth and it also automatically tunes using an Automatic Trueplay system (meaning you no longer need to use an iPhone.

It’s rain resistant, moisture resistant and can withstand dirt and dust, which definitely makes sense considering it’s aimed to be able to use outdoors as well as inside. It has a 10 hour battery and also comes with a charging dock that wirelessly charges the unit.

It’s available on September 24th and will set you back $649, which is a little bit steep, but we have no doubt that it’ll be a better quality speaker than any other outdoor speakers that are available.

Sonos also announced the Sonos One SL, which is basically the Sonos One speaker without a microphone and smart speaker functionality. If paired with a Sonos beam, you obviously get the smart speaker functionality through that, so it makes sense that they’ve made a product that’s available without the microphone. This one will be available on September 12th for $269.

Sonos Port is the third Sonos product revealed today and will allow you to bring the Sonos smart system to traditional stereos and receivers. It’ll be available in limited supply on September 12th for $599. It’ll be more widely available next year.