And angels wept.

After eight long years in development, IGN have reported that Team Ico’s follow-up to Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian, has officially been cancelled.

IGN received a report just recently claiming that “The Last Guardian is finally cancelled,” which is news that’ll come as a shock to many, especially us here at Press Start, many of us expected the game to once again rear its head at E3. According to the source, the information was disclosed in “Sony’s internal meeting last week.”

The Last Guardian was first revealed in 2009, though it failed to meet its original projected release of 2011.

IGN have reached out to Sony for an additional comment, which we’ll also bring you if it comes.


Sony’s Scott Rhode, head of PlayStation Software Development, has taken to Twitter to add an intriguing twist to this tale.

Have IGN gone the early crow? Either way, this plot has just thickened. Put on a warm robe and settle in to watch Sony’s conference at E3, it could be a big one.