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Stellar Blade’s New Game Plus Update Is Already Out And Adds Even More Costumes


Stellar Blade is finally out today on PS5, and while reviews for the game that dropped yesterday have already given it plenty of praise, it’s already gotten some welcome improvements in the hours since with a day one update that adds the previously-promised New Game+ mode, including new costumes, skills and more.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, Stellar Blade’s New Game+ update not only allows players who finish the game to take up a second playthrough with their character progression intact, but adds a huge 34 new outfits to the game along with new gear levels and skills to aid in the fight against even stronger enemies.

Developer SHIFT UP has also separately revealed on social media that input timing and responsiveness in combat have been tightened up, and extra toggles have been added to the game’s settings for the chromatic aberration and grain noise effects.

We gave Stellar Blade a huge 9/10 in our review, with Harry saying, “Stellar Blade recalls the classic era of character-action games in truly inspired fashion. It might struggle to deliver on its core narrative, and its platforming is often more frustrating than it isn’t, but neither of those things are enough to bring down a thoroughly enjoyable action experience. It wears its inspirations on its sleeve, but manages to build on them in engaging fashion with a deliciously layered combat system and gorgeous presentation to boot.”