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This Week’s Most Exciting Video Game Releases

A big week!

Things are starting to pick back up again this week, especially for PlayStation and Switch owners who are being treated to some long-awaited releases of banger games like Grounded and Planet of Lana, along with the PS5/PS4 release of Dave the Diver (which is coming to PlayStation Plus Extra!).

In terms of new titles, we’re getting the very handsome-looking Harold Halibut as well as Moon Studio’s early access launch of No Rest for the Wicked, and Final Fantasy XVI fans have a huge DLC expansion to look forward to with The Rising Tide. VR fans are in for a treat, too, with Soul Covenant dropping as well as the VR version of Umurangi Generation, which is an absolute must-play.

Take a look at some of the more exciting stuff coming this week:


Stellar Blade

Release Date: April 26th

Platforms: PS5

Pre-order here and save $15

Engage in blisteringly fast combat as you slash a path through the remnants of Earth in an all-new action adventure on PS5®. Unleash graceful yet brutal attacking combos, unlock new moves and weapon upgrades, and face epic boss encounters that will challenge both brain and brawn in equal measure.

Unravel a gripping human fate story, with mature themes, a thought-provoking narrative and emotionally-charged revelations from beginning to end.


Release Date: April 26th

Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PC

Pre-order here and save $20

In this action-RPG, players will find a nostalgic and heartwarming world created by Akira Toriyama, where you will become the main character Beelzebub. Learn how to control his powers and lead your company of heroic misfits exploring the legendary world of SAND LAND. Beware of the many dangers that populate it: between bandits, fierce wildlife, and the Royal Army, reaching the spring won’t be easy! Use your tact and imagination to develop tanks and other vehicles that will help you navigate this vast land, using a wide array of part combinations.

Tales of Kenzera: ZAU

Release Date: April 23rd

Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, PC

Embark on a poignant single-player story shaped by actor Abubakar Salim’s own experience with grief, discovering how love gives us the courage to press on after devastating loss. Wield powers from the Sun and the Moon to defeat restless spirits in rhythmic combat and become a worthy Nganga: a spiritual healer. Discover a rich universe with untold lore of chaos and order and journey through mystical 2.5D realms awash with color and depth, emboldened by multi-award-winning composer Nainita Desai’s enchanting original score.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Release Date: April 23rd

Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Pre-order here for $64

Prepare for a meticulously crafted turn-based JRPG with gorgeous 2D sprites and 3D backgrounds. Create your ideal 6-character party and choose from more than 100 unique heroes to join you through the war-torn continent of Allraan. Manage your town and recruit companions to gather resources, expand production, and develop new facilities to aid in your campaign. Confront foes in strategic one-on-one duels and intense war battles that will shape your story.

Read our review here.

Manor Lords (Early Access Release)

Release Date: April 26th

Platforms: PC

Manor Lords is a strategy game that allows you to experience the life of a medieval lord. Grow your starting village into a bustling city, manage resources and production chains, and expand your lands through conquest.

Inspired by the art and architecture of late 14th century Franconia, Manor Lords prioritizes historical accuracy wherever possible, using it to inform gameplay mechanics and visuals alike. Common medieval tropes are avoided in favor of historical accuracy, in order to make the world feel more authentic, colorful, and believable.

Fallout 4 (Current-Gen Release)

Release Date: April 25th

Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X|S

Bethesda Game Studios is releasing a free Fallout 4 update for download on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

This free update includes native applications for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, Performance mode and Quality mode settings, as well as stability improvements and fixes. Experience up to 60 FPS and increased resolutions!

Fallout 4 players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will also receive a free update with stability improvements, login and quest fixes .

SaGa Emerald Beyond

Release Date: April 25th

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Platforms: PS5, PS4, Switch, PC, Mobile

The latest standalone entry in the SaGa franchise, SaGa Emerald Beyond, brings together the very best elements of the beloved series to offer each player their own unique gameplay experience.

Make use of glimmers and combos in battle; meet a diverse cast of races, including monsters, mechs, and vampires; and experience your very own story, created through your choices and actions.

Another Crab’s Treasure

Release Date: April 25th

Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch PC

As Kril the hermit crab, you’ll need to wear the trash around you as shells to withstand attacks from enemies many times your size. Embark on an epic treasure hunt to buy back your repossessed shell, and discover the dark secrets behind the polluted ocean.

Designed to be an approachable experience for newer soulslike players as well as provide a challenge for hardcore fans, Another Crab’s Treasure offers something for any level of skill or time commitment. Assist options are provided for those seeking a less frustrating experience, and gluttons for punishment can use those same options to make the game even harder.

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin (Console Launch)

Release Date: April 25th

Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch

Blast, slice and shred through your enemies in this hardcore FPS inspired by the icons of the ’90s, powered by the legendary Quake-1 Tech. Taking place in a realm left to rot, take up arms, unearth long-forgotten secrets and hunt down the Guardians of the Old World.

Phantom Fury

Release Date: April 25th

Platforms: PC

Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison is back in this highly interactive mix of first person action and road movie adventure. Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey around the USA. Use an enormous arsenal of weapons and skills to battle treacherous soldiers and vile mutants, all while trying to save mankind.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade: Wrath of the Mutants

Release Date: April 23rd

Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch PC

Pre-order here for $48.

Re-experience the 2017 arcade classic with 3 additional stages and 6 additional boss battles! Take control of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello or Raphael in this classic beat-em-up inspired by the cult favorite Turtles in Time. Play with your friends through local co-op and dominate the Foot Clan to foil the Shredder’s maniacal plan.

TopSpin 2K25

Release Date: April 26th

Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC

Pre-order here and save $20

Travel the world as an up-and-coming pro, go toe-to-toe with the biggest names in tennis, and take Centre Court at Wimbledon, Roland-Garros, the US Open, and the Australian Open as you strive to become a Grand Slam® Champion in MyCAREER.

Play as tennis legends Roger Federer and Serena Williams, or serve up smashing highlights as Carlos Alcaraz, Iga Swiatek, Frances Tiafoe, Andre Agassi, and others. Choose from over 24 playable pros and unleash their explosive power and clever finesse against other players locally or online.

Age of Water

Release Date: April 25th

Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC

Age of Water is a new online adventure game set on a post-apocalyptic Earth completely covered in water. Sail through storms, fight and trade, capture other people’s boats or build your own, extract resources from the bottom of the ocean, reveal the secrets of the Age of Water world.

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

Release Date: April 28th

Platforms: Switch

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron HD Remaster is a third-person melee action game developed by crim Co. Ltd. Players will assume the role of Enoch who must harness his natural combat skills to master a range of powerful and Heavenly weapons under the guidance of the watchful Archangels. This remastered version is fitted with full HD support, improved framerate, optimized loading, general optimization, and more for modern platforms.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Sweep the Board!

Release Date: April 26th

Platforms: Switch


The iconic landmarks from the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, such as Mount Fujikasane and Asakusa, will appear as boards! Roll the dice to advance through the squares! The board has a daytime and nighttime period. During the day, you will play events and mini-games to prepare for the night, where you will be searching for demons to defeat – aim to become a great Demon Slayer swordsman!