razer viper v3 pro

Razer Has Revealed Its New Ultra-Light And Fast Viper V3 Pro Gaming Mouse

Now make one that makes me good.

Razer has unveiled the latest in its Viper gaming mouse line with the Viper V3 Pro, an ultralight, wireless symmetrical esports mouse which is available now and comes in either a black or white colourway.

The company says it’s designed the Viper V3 Pro in collaboration with world-class esports pros like Zekken, which has resulted in the ultra-lightweight design at just 54g (black version) or 55g (white version), and the development of Razer’s “most precise” optical sensor in the excessively-named Razer Focus Pro 35K Optical Sensor Gen-2.

The sensor is geared for more than its 99.8% resolution accuracy though, and features a heap of customisation including single-DPI step adjustments, motion sync with the user’s PC, smart tracking and a “sensitivity matcher” for those coming from another mouse.

In terms of other features, you’re looking at updated side button designs, ergonomic shape with flatter sides and more pronounced finger grooves, larger mouse feet, up to 95 hours of battery life and 8000Hz Razer HyperPolling technology with the wireless dongle for optimal response and reliability.

At $279, the Razer Viper V3 Pro is definitely firmly in the territory of a “pro” gaming mouse upgrade, but if that’s what you’re in the market for it’s already available to order from the official Razer website here.