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Some Incredible Princess Peach Merch Has Been Added To The Aussie My Nintendo Store


Sure, I may regret throwing my last $40 down on a Princess Peach-themed cap from the My Nintendo store with payday still a distant dream, but how could I not.

Yes, Nintendo Australia has just added a variety of new Peach-flavoured items to its merch store, all direct from Nintendo TOKYO and exclusive to its own store in Australia, and there are some very nice items available.

You’ve got said cap, which is a lovely and understated design that sports Peach’s golden crown embroidered on the front, and a hot pink underbrim that reads “Our princess is on another adventure!” – very good. There’s also an adorable shoulder bag and pouch that feature a similar aesthetic with a soft and simple design embellished by bright pink elements and crown motifs. Rounding out the lot are a hair tie and hand towel, which are nice but not nearly as exciting.

You can find each of the products at the below links:

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Shout out to the good folks at Vooks for sending me broke bringing this one to my attention.

Princess Peach: Showtime! is out now on Nintendo Switch. I gave the game a 7.5/10 in my review, saying, “Despite its technical woes and pervasive simplicity, there’s just enough of a spark in Princess Peach Showtime! that it had won me over by the time the curtains closed. It might not be deserving of a standing ovation but it’s certainly got the stage presence to attract an audience. It’s good, light, family fun that’s consistently charming and perfectly cast.”