Bargain Guide – FIFA 16/PES 2016

With 2015 being arguably one of the biggest in gaming, we decided that there was no better time than now to start bringing you a bargain guide for the biggest games of the holiday season to ensure that you can fit as many games into your lineup as possible.

The best deal will always be at the top running down through local retailers and finishing off with online only deals, always remember to price match the lowest price if buying from EB Games!

Football takes over next week as PES 2016 has been delayed to Friday, 25th September with FIFA 16 releasing the day before on Thursday, 24th of September.


FIFA 16 this year comes in 2 fashions, standard and deluxe, both have varying amounts of FUT packs and bonuses, while Microsoft continue to have exclusive FUT content.

 JB HI-FI, BIG W & TARGET all have the best price on the standard edition at $64

JB Hi-Fi – Standard PS4/X1 for $64 PS3/360 for $55, Deluxe PS4/X1 for $86 PS3/360 for $75
Big W –
Standard PS4/X1/PS3/360 for $64
Target – Standard PS4/X1/PS3/360 for $64
– Standard PS4/X1 for $78 PS3/360 for $72 
Harvey Norman – Standard PS4/X1 for $88
EB Games – Standard PS4/X1 for $100 PS3/360 for $90, Deluxe PS4/X1 for $110 PS3/360 for $100
Digital store prices – Standard PS4/X1 for $100 PS3/360 for $100, Deluxe PS4/X1 for $108/$110 PS3/360 for $108
Imports: MightApe – Deluxe PS4 $83 PS3/360 $73, Deluxe PS4/X1 $97 PS3/360 $89

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Kmart & Dick Smith aren’t listing it at all yet, listing will be updated if store pages appear.



PES 2016 ends up releasing a day later, again with 2 editions but this time the Anniversary edition is exclusive to PS4 (only difference is a steelbook case).

JB HIFI have the best price on all platforms at $79

JB Hi-Fi – Standard PS4/X1 for $79 PS3/360 for $79, Steelbook PS4 for $109
EB Games – Standard PS4/X1 for $100 PS3/360 for $80, Steelbook PS4 for $110
Gamesmen – Standard PS4/X1 for $100 PS3/360 for $80
Digital store prices – Standard PS4 for $85 PS3 for $70
Imports: Dungeon Crawl – Standard PS4/X1 for $70 PS3/360 for $60 (unknown regions!)

XBL, Harvey Norman, Target, Big W, Kmart & Dick Smith aren’t listing it at all yet, listing will be updated if store pages appear.