Bargain Guide – Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

The best deal will always be at the top running down through local retailers and finishing off with online only deals, always remember to price match the lowest price if buying from EB Games! We will update with new prices as they come in.

Leaping into stores this Friday is Assassin’s Creed Syndicate with a plethora of options to spend your hard earned cash on. Releases on PS4 & X1, PC version coming next month. Editions and DLC outlined below!

At release the game is the ‘Special Edition’ and comes with 1 extra mission called ‘The Darwin & Dickens Conspiracy‘.
PS4 has exclusive DLC in the form of 10 sidemissions called ‘The Dreadful Crimes’.
JB Hi-Fi have an exclusive ‘Blood & Steel’ edition containing the ‘Special Edition’ game, a steelbook case & ‘Industrial Pack’ microDLC.
EB Games also have an exclusive edition, ‘Charing Cross’, which is basically the ‘Rooks’ CE but with a figurine and different box.
acsyndicate_banneracsyndicate_boxartTARGET & BIG W have the best price at $68

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Target – $68
Big W – $68
Gamesmen – $78
JB Hi-Fi – $79
EB Games – $99
Other stores aren’t listing it, guide will be updated if store pages appear.
Import: MightyApe $75, OzGameShop $75


JB Hi-Fi – $89
Import: MightyApe $80 (no ‘Industrial Pack’ DLC)

acsyndicate_boxartrooksJB Hi-Fi – $114
EB Games – $120
Gamesmen – $120
Import: OzGameShop $116

acsyndicate_boxcharingcrossEB Games – $150