Bargain Guide: Target eBay Sale

Target’s eBay store is currently having a massive sale. This is on top of their already killer gaming prices that you can currently get in-store.  Use CXMASTECH coupon at checkout to get the below prices on eBay. Free delivery if you spend $39+.

Xbox One with a game for $319 posted!

WiiU with Mario Maker for $319 posted

PS4 controller is $59 posted

Wiimote+ is $55 posted

Amiibo Animal Crossing 3 pack is $39 posted

Amiibos are $13.60 before postage.

Disney Infinity figures are $11.20 before postage, power disc packs are $9.60 before postage.

Skylanders Superchargers figures are $11.20 before postage, vehicles are $12 before postage.

LEGO Dimensions level packs are $30.40 before postage, team packs are $24 before postage, fun packs are $16 before postage.

Guitar Hero Live pack is $95 posted

LEGO Dimensions pack is $95 posted

Disney Infinity 3.0 pack is $47 posted

Skylanders Superchargers pack is $47 posted

COD BLOPS3 for $55 posted with above coupon

Fallout 4 for $51 posted

Rise of the Tomb Raider is $55 posted

Super Mario Maker is $51 posted

Mario Kart 8 is $44 posted

Splatoon for $51 posted

Bloodborne is $39 posted

Yoshi’s Woolly World is $44 posted

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival pack is $55 posted

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash is $51 posted

Legend Of Zelda Tri Force Heroes is $38 posted

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