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The Switch 2’s Controllers Will Attach With Magnets According To New Claims

How do they work?!

It’s been a minute since we heard a spicy “Switch 2” rumour, but a new report from outlet Vandal has appeared that makes some interesting claims regarding the next-generation Nintendo console’s controllers.

Seemingly confirming what we could all have reasonably predicted – that the hybrid handheld and home console will feature a similar detachable controller situation to the current Switch – Vandal’s claims say that the next iteration of the “Joy-Con” controllers will attach to the console using magnets (presumably alongside some kind of notch or other bit to keep them firmly in place), rather than the somewhat-finicky rails that the Joy-Cons use now.

Vandal reports cite accessory manufacturer’s with knowledge of the console’s specs, and who have actually “touched” the device, and adds the detail that the new console is definitely larger than the existing Switch but still smaller in footprint than a Steam Deck. Supposedly, while the lack of rails and increase in size means current Joy-Cons wouldn’t work with the console, Pro controllers are said to still be supported.

Of course, as with everything, this all needs to be taken with a heavy dose of skepticism, though the Switch OLED did leak under similar circumstances with manufacturers of both acccessories and actual hardware components letting things slip early.

The last we’d heard as far as Switch 2 rumours go was a report from Nikkei (here, but paywalled and in Japanese), a major financial publication, which suggested that the console will launch in March next year in order to ensure Nintendo has enough initial stock of the device and can prevent reselling activity, as well as ensure that it has a strong software line-up on release – a similar notion to what we’d already heard from other outlets and sources.

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Elsewhere in Nikkei’s report, it’s also mostly a lot of what’s been circulated before – that the new console will be a hybrid portable similar to the current Switch, that it’ll have a larger screen and that it’ll be capable of playing higher-end games.