The cheapest price will always be at the top running down through local retailers and finishing off with online only deals, always remember to price match the lowest price if buying from EB Games! We will update with new & special prices as they come in.

After a successful beta period Overwatch releases on Tuesday 24th of May on PC/PS4/x1! Pre-order offers are in the form of figures and badges.

TARGET & GAMESMEN have the cheapest launch day price at $78

Retail Stores:
Target – $78
Gamesmen – $78
Big W – $79
JB Hi-Fi – $79
EB Games – $100 ($90 PC)

OzGameShop – $79 ($72 PC key)
MightyApe – $80 ($73 PC) South Korea PC key – $53

  • $78 for a multiplayer only game, what has the world come to.

    • Tj V

      since when did the amount of content in a game dictate it’s price?

      • altechi

        Star Wars Battlefront got the same flack didn’t they?

  • got mine preordered already @JBHiFi can’t wait for Wednesday!!

  • bought it on US PSN for ~AU$80

  • Kimberly Mills

    Bless you for this valuable knowledge