The cheapest price will always be at the top running down through local retailers and finishing off with online only deals, always remember to price match the lowest price if buying from EB Games! We will update with new & special prices as they come in.

Another release on Friday 10th June is the latest Sherlock Holmes title, The Devil’s Daughter. Releasing on PS4/X1/PC the retail edition will be exclusive to EB Games locally, although Gamesmen also have it listed. Digital pre-orders come with costume pack DLC.

EB GAMES & GAMESMEN have the best launch day price at $90

Retail Stores:
EB Games – $90 ($80 PC)
Gamesmen – $90 ($8 PC)

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OzGameShop – $60 ($45 PC)
MightyApe – $85 ($65 PC)

PSN – $93
XBL – $100
Steam – $55


Digital pre-order DLC costume pack

  • a horrifying reality of bad retail prices..Australia Tax strikes again.

    • reptilescorpio

      EB picking up the exclusive local release means they can charge whatever they want sadly 🙁

      (not sure what the deal is with Gamesmen