The PlayStation 4 Slim Is Out Today And There’s Already Some Great Bundles

The new-look, slimmer PlayStation 4 releases in Australia today. It’s 30% smaller and 25% lighter in weight. It also has increased energy efficiency, cutting power consumption by 34%. It also comes with a brand new DualShock 4 that allows light to emit through the touch pad.

The 500tb iteration released today in Australia with a RRP of $439 AUD. The 1TB iteration doesn’t come out until the 29th of September with a RRP of $509 AUD. The good news is that there’s already some bundles available at a number of retailers for way cheaper.

JB Hi FI EB Games Australia are offering the New-look PlayStation 4 500gb console with the dated Need for Speed Rivals for $399. This is probably the best deal if you’re looking for a new console and don’t care about NBA 2k17. You can find that HERE.


EB Games Australia is offering the New-look PlayStation 4 500gb console with the newly-released NBA 2k17 for $439. You can find that deal HERE.


Target Australia have the 500gb console by itself for $399. If there’s not a JB Hi Fi in your area, this isn’t a bad deal by any means, but you’d be silly to choose this deal due to the lack of free game. You can find that HERE.


For those that are wanting to wait for the 1TB version on the 29th of September, Jb Hi FI have a bundle with a 1TB console, FIFA 17 and NBA 2k17 for $499, which is actually a solid deal. You can find that HERE.