Target has been killing it with gaming deals as of late, and this is no exception.

Starting on Wednesday and continuing until the 30th of April, Target will have some pretty great deals on PlayStation 4 exclusive games. Most the prices are the cheapest that these games have ever been at Australian retail. In particular, The Last Guardian is incredibly cheap for $27.

They’ll also have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch for $62 which we’ve detailed here.

  • PS4 500GB console with COD Infinite Warfare (not game token) – $329
  • PS4 Uncharted 4 – $37
  • PS4 No Mans Sky – $25
  • PS4 The Last Guardian – $27
  • PS4 Ratchet and Clank – $29
  • PS4 Gravity Rush 2 – $49
  • PS4 Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection – $29
  • PS4 VR Worlds – $29
  • PS4 Eve Valkyrie/Rigs/Battlezone – $40 each

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Thanks, OzBargain.

  • FlintlockKid

    Bless you PressStart and bless you Target

  • JTrip

    Target could give the games away for free and I would never go to that liberal PC store. No Salvation Army charity, no Toys for Tots charity, transgenders in what restroom they want to use. No boys or girls sections. No wonder their stock is tanking. People are boycotting Target.

    • Alex

      Damn… So people of your kind really do exist.

      • JTrip

        Damn. So people of your kind really do exist??? Ignorant.
        Ask the CEO of target who is now back tracking on making any claims that he knew anything about the transgender bathroom statement that Target made. His stock is tanking and now he is doing damage control. Fact! No Salvation Army charity, No toys for tots charity strictly because it is associated with the military.

    • Jerry

      Spot the American ?

      • JTrip

        Spot someone that never served in the armed forces which Target is anti.

        • Jerry

          You guys get so worked up about everything. You go off on rants without even understanding the context. Like, for example, the fact that this article is about Target Australia, which is a completely different entity to Target in the US. Everything is a drama with you guys. You’re like children.

    • H

      I’m not sure if these are issues you have with Target USA or Australia, but it’s important to know that they’re *completely unrelated* in everything but name.