Persona 5 Is Less Than Half Price On The PlayStation Store So What Are You Waiting For

Persona 5 AKA one of the best games of last year is currently 60% off on the PlayStation Store. You can grab it for $39.95 down from the OG price of $99.95 for the next few days. It’s PlayStations deal of the week and will last until 10:59am on the 8th of February. You can grab it right HERE.

In his review, James said that Persona 5 was one of the best role playing games that I’ve played in years. It’s both a colourful and psychological journey through student life and the darker side of humanity. Combine this story of intrigue with multiple comprehensive systems that are all a joy to get lost in and you’ve got something truly special. While some minor pacing issues and some rigidity with how time is managed bring the experience down somewhat, Persona 5 is a game that everybody should play.