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EB Games Trade In Deals Are Back For Pokemon Let’s Go, Spyro, Fallout 76 And Battlefield V

EB Games has revealed that they’re bringing back the 2 for trade in deals for Pokemon Let’s GO, Spyro The Reignited Trilogy, Fallout 76 and Battlefield V.

Basically, you’ll need to trade any two PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch games (with a trade value of over $10) in order to get the titles for an extremely discounted price.

  • Battlefield V – $29
  • Fallout 76 – $29
  • Spyro The Reignited Trilogy – $19
  • Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee – $29

Unfortunately at this stage, we still don’t have a list of games that are over the $10 trade value limit, but people have had a lot of success with titles that were released within the last two years. These include games such as GTA V, Rocket League, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Minecraft, Far Cry 5, No Man’s Sky, Uncharted: Lost Legacy, Dying Light and Mortal Kombat X to name a few.

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We’d recommend phoning your local store to confirm prices before heading in just to be sure, as trade prices  can change from day to day.

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