Silent Hill

Bloober Team Reckon It’s “Very Confident” In Silent Hill 2 And Has Many More Games In The Works

So many.

In a recently-published report, Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team has offered a very small update on its upcoming remake of the survival horror classic, Silent Hill 2.

Though we still don’t know when the game is launching, Bloober says in the document (via translation by @pl_evil on X) that it’s very confident in the game. “We do not hide it internally or externally – this is the most important test of our actions,” the excerpt reads. “We are not only excited, but at the same time very confident about the final result.”

Silent Hill fans have been trepidatious about this new remake, with Bloober’s track record not exactly consistent in a way that such a revered game should command, and marketing beats like its most recent official trailer giving the impression that it’s focusing on the wrong things (though the studio later said that was a marketing fault and not indicative of the game).

Most recently, fans have noticed that new imagery on the game’s official website seems to suggest that Bloober has remodelled protagonist James’ face from earlier showings to look a lot younger.

Elsewhere in the report, more small details on Bloober Team’s many other projects have been revealed. The company has a huge number of games in the works with codenames including “Project C” as well as projects E, F, G, I, M and R all listed. Of the lot, we’ve learned about at least 4, again thanks to @pl_evil, who shared that Project C will be announced later this year and is the survival horror game announced back in 2022 in collaboration with Private Division.

Meanwhile, Project R is reportedly a collaboration with Skybound Entertainment (The Walking Dead) and based on one of its IP, that’s due to be released in 2025. Project I will be a VR title developer together with Meta, and perhaps most interesting is Project M, which is something coming exclusively to “Nintendo platforms.”