tekken 8

TEKKEN 8’s Free Update Roadmap Includes A Photo Mode And New Story Content

Tekken it up a notch.

Bandai Namco has revealed a roadmap of free updates for its huge, recent fighting game sequel, TEKKEN 8, which will start rolling out in the very near future and continue on through the year.

The roadmap, frustratingly marked out in seasons which as always don’t translate globally, includes things like balance changes, a new stage, a new Photo Mode, an added Story Mode chapter and some new gameplay options.

First up will be some “balance adjustments” coming in update 1.04, which releases tomorrow, and then the next major free update drops some time in Summer Winter with the new Seaside Resort stage and Photo Mode. The new story chapter drops in Autumn Spring, and then at an undetermined date after that, players will get access to new Online Practice and Ghost vs Ghost modes.

After Bandai Namco copped a tongue-lashing from fans for adding microtransactions and a “battle pass” system in the weeks and months after launch and initial reviews, it might seem like too little too late to reveal these free additions, but hopefully they’re the beginning of regular ongoing support in a similar fashion. The game seemingly sold well, so longevity will no doubt be key.

In Matt’s review, where he scored TEKKEN 8 a very respectable 9/10, he said, “Tekken 8 shows just how easy it is for a long-running franchise to remain fresh and relevant, while still offering a familiar experience to established fans. An engaging Story Mode coupled with Character Episodes keeps the narrative running, while Arcade Quest and Tekken Ball gives newcomers the opportunity to learn the ropes. While some fans may not like that their favourite character is missing from the roster, Tekken 8 fills the gaps with fresh new faces and the hint of more characters on the horizon. It’s time to get ready for the next battle!”