Amazon Currently Has A PlayStation VR Bundle For $10

A listing has shown up on Amazon this morning and it appears they’re selling a PlayStation VR with the camera and VR Worlds for just ten bucks.

If it’s a mistake they likely won’t honour the price but normally they’ll give you some kind of credit (and not charge you) if it’s not honoured. If it’s a scam, however, you’ll be entitled to a refund but we still encourage people to take caution with the risk. It’s still in stock at the time of posting so feel free to try your hand at getting one on the off-chance it isn’t an error.

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The store in question, Goes Dream, has just launched, doesn’t have any feedback yet and all of its stock is the same price. So it’s either a huge processing error or it’s a clear scam. The only sticking point is that the bundle has an Amazon’s Choice stamp on it.

Follow the link right here.

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