Amazon Has The Criminally Underrated Prey For Cheap

Amazon currently has Bethesda’s Prey for $9.95 which is probably as cheap as it’s going to get for the physical edition of the game. If you’re a Prime member, it’s free delivery.

Prey is a game that a lot of people didn’t play. It’s been consistently updated since launch with a lot of content updates.

We gave it a 9/10 in our review and said: Prey is another win for Arkane. It’s a game where everyone who plays it will have a different experience. One thing is certain though – that Prey remains a consistent experience from beginning to end. Providing players with intuitive gameplay systems with great synergy, freedom to approach combat how you want and game design that rewards creativity are just three ways that Prey succeeds. While BioShock was heralded as the spiritual successor to System Shock, Prey feels like a much more successful attempt. An absolute joy to play and experience.