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Nintendo Switch eShop Cards Are 10% Off At JB Hi-Fi Right Now

A great time to stock up!

In case you missed it in the most recent catalogue, which is dedicated entirely to Nintendo, JB Hi-Fi is slinging the ever-popular 10% discount on Nintendo Switch eShop gift cards from now until July 19th.

As always, these cards are physically-activated so only available in actual JB stores, so you’ll have to be willing to pop into your local to get this deal. It’s a great time for it though, with Pikmin 4 fast approaching and a slew of tantalising Nintendo first-party titles on the horizon including Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Super Mario RPG.

The savvy among us would do well to consider buying two of the $60 cards plus a $15 in order to redeem Nintendo’s famous Switch Game Vouchers for $134.95 on the eShop, and then use that to redeem any combination of two current of upcoming first party Nintendo titles. The cards will total out at $121.50 to give you that $135 in value, equating the games themselves out to $60.75 a pop for digital downloads – not a bad way at all to pick up a digital copy of Tears of the Kingdom and, say, Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

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JB Hi-Fi Nintendo Switch eShop Vouchers 10% Off

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