The PlayStation VR2 Is At Its Lowest Price Ever On Amazon (Updated: Even Cheaper!)


Update: The Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle has dropped even further to $741.42 – grab it here!

Over the weekend, Amazon has dropped an absolute belter of a deal on the PlayStation VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle.

That’s everything you need to get playing on PS VR2 (minus a PS5 console, of course) plus a download token for the excellent Horizon Call of the Mountain – one of the best titles on the system – and all of it is currently going for less than the price of the standard PS VR2 kit at a stellar $741.42. That’s over $200 off!

Grab it below:

PlayStation VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain Bundle – $741.42 at Amazon with free shipping.

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We loved the PS VR2 when we reviewed it at launch, saying, “The PlayStation VR2 is an astonishingly impressive bit of gear, combining exciting and innovative features with supreme comfort and usability and leveraging the power of the PlayStation 5 to provide an all-around fantastic VR experience. It’s a breeze to wear and use, the controllers are a home run, and games can look downright astonishing. Titles like Horizon Call of the Mountain prove there’s a ton of potential here, and there are plenty of other great experiences in the launch library, but whether or not you drop close to a grand on a PS VR2 right now is going to depend on how much faith you have in that potential in the long term.”

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And we gave Horizon Call of the Mountain a respectable 8.5/10, saying, “Horizon Call of the Mountain is exactly the killer app that the PlayStation VR2 needed to really sell the promise of its hardware and feature set, even with a couple of stumbles. Clever VR spins on the series’ staple gameplay systems, a compelling campaign, ridiculous production values, decent replay value and a genuine sense of wonder make it essential playing for absolutely anyone picking up Sony’s next-generation VR headset.”