PlayStation Plus Subscriptions Are Now Up To 30% Off For Black Friday 2023

Not a bad time to subscribe!

It’s finally here, with PlayStation’s Black Friday 2023 deal for PlayStation Plus subscribers having finally arrived. Right now, new subscribers can get up to 30% off of a 12-month Plus membership, depending on which tier they choose between Essential, Extra and Deluxe.

With the price of a PlayStation Plus 12-month sub having risen in recent months, the deals awkwardly kind of put things closer (but still slightly cheaper) to where they were, but if you’re only just now thinking of joining it’s still your best opportunity:

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Your mileage may vary depending on your current subscription status, tier, commitment or other factors so the best way to check is to jump on your console or the PlayStation Store and have a look for yourself, but either way Amazon has just launched a great 15% credit back deal on all PlayStation Store gift card purchases so you can maximise any savings even further:

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Here’s what each tier comes down to for new subscribers:

PlayStation Plus Black Friday 2023 Discount

  • PlayStation Plus Essential 12 months – $76.76 (20% off)
  • PlayStation Plus Extra 12 months – $127.46 (25% off)
  • PlayStation Plus Deluxe 12 months – $137.86 (30% off)

At these prices the top-tier Deluxe sub may or may not be the best option depending on whether you think the extra $10 is worth it for a year of a small-ish assortment of classic PS1, PS2 and PSP games.

You can find the deal here.