ORDER Esports Are Giving Gamers The Chance To Own A Part Of Their Teams

The ORDER esports, who are one of Melbourne’s biggest online gaming organisations are giving gamers the chance to own a stake in the brand through an equity crowdfunding campaign.

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday the 20th of February), gamers will be given exclusive access to express their interest over potential investors. This will make ORDER the only esports brand in the world to be owned by their fans. You can find the crowdfunding page right HERE.

These funds will be used to expand the club and build a world class HQ in Melbourne called The House of Order. It’ll feature three levels and include an office, studios for events and tournaments as well as themed gaming lounges.

As of now, ORDER competes in League of Legends and Counter Strike tournaments. By mid 2018, they plan to have teams competing in Call Of Duty, Streetfighter, PUBG and Rocket League.

If there’s one esports team that I’ve been following, it’s this one. From a branding and social media point of view, they seem to be on a different path to most other Australian organisations. They’re also Melbourne based so definitely worth getting behind. They’ve already had a decent amount of success.

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