Hopefully You’ve Already Pre-ordered PlayStation VR

In an interview with CNBC.com, President and Group CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House, made some interesting comments about potential shortages of PlayStation VR headsets.

In summary, they are concerned they will not be able to meet demand at launch and there may be some shortages, but they will be doing their best to ensure everyone that wants one gets one.

He stressed that this is new technology and admitted that even they don’t know how popular it will be.

Here are his comments in full:

“We have growing confidence that we’ll be supply constrained with this product, but we’ll do our very best to meet demand. Virtual reality is a medium that’s in its infancy. With such a nascent, very new form of storytelling, it’s difficult to predict what user uptake is going to be.”

“We’re obviously very excited about the overall future potential for virtual reality and we think it’s the right opportunity to start to build a market. But we need to keep reminding ourselves that you’re requiring a very different user engagement than we have seen previously. … The experiences we are delivering are truly transformative for gaming and that will inspire a certain audience. How large that audience is remains to be seen.”