Bully 2 For PS4 Was Just Listed By Game Informer

A Reddit user has spotted that popular gaming magazine (and website), Game Informer has just listed Bully 2: Kevin’s Back Jack for PlayStation 4. According to the listing, it’d release in Fall (Between September and December).

It’s honestly fairly hard to decide what to make of this. Obviously Rockstar is busy with Red Dead Redemption 2, which we now know is releasing next year, but it’s hard to think that they ever would have planned on releasing two games in the same quarter (as originally planned).

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On the other hand, Game Informer is privy to big gaming announcements before they’re made, due to the fact that they have tight deadlines and often feature new announcements of the cover of their monthly magazine. Game Informer is also owned by Gamestop’s parent company in the US.

If this is a thing, we’d expect that we’ll see it announced on the PlayStation (or Xbox) E3 stage next week. I most certainly hope it is as many people have been crying out for a Bully sequel.


Game Informer has Tweeted saying that they’ve never heard of a sequel to Bully and that it’s an error that outlets are reporting on them reporting that Bully 2 existed, but we saw it with our own eyes that the listing was on their website.