All Of Nintendo’s Big E3 Press Conference Announcements

Nintendo didn’t hold back in throwing out some pretty huge announcements in their Nintendo Spotlight during E3. Safe to say there was a megaton or two.

Here’s a wrap-up.

Not a Drill: Metroid Prime 4 is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is Working on a Core Pokemon RPG for Nintendo Switch and We Can’t Even

The Champions Ballad and Champion Amiibo Set for Breath of the Wild

Metroid: Samus Returns Has Been Revealed and It’s a Metroid II Remake

Rocket League Blasts Onto Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Odyssey Looks Pretty Damn Fabulous, Release Date Revealed

Yoshi Set to Appear on Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem Warriors for Nintendo Switch  is Looking Pretty Great

Kirby Will Suck and Blow His Way to Nintendo Switch in 2018

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is Looking Pretty Stylish on Nintendo Switch

Boy, oh boy.