PlayStation Has Announced The Major Games They’ll Be Showing At E3

It looks like PlayStation is set for a different E3 this year. On the latest episode of PlayStation’s official podcast, Shawn Layden (the President of Sony Interactive Entertainment) confirmed that this year at E3, they’d be showing exclusive looks at four upcoming Sony World Wide Studios games.

These games include:

  • Death Stranding
  • Ghosts of Tsushima
  • Spider-Man
  • The Last Of Us Part II

Sony also confirmed that they’d be highlighting indies as well as 3rd party publishers. They also confirmed that there would be no hardware announcements at E3, so you can get forget about that PS5 announcement.

What isn’t clear at this point is if they’ll be having a proper E3 press conference as with previous years. The format detailed by Layden sounds similar to what happened at PSX, where a number of key developers spoke in-depth about upcoming games.

All will be finalised in the coming days with Layden revealing that a proper announcement would be made in the near future. He also confirmed that their showing would remain on Monday, June 11th (Tuesday in Australia).

  1. I’m hoping for a release date announcement and limited edition announcement for The Last of Us Part II, I can imagine the limited edition will run out very fast

  2. If gearbox announce borderlands 3 it is over for everyone else. That will overshadow everything else including anything playstation will announce. Bethesda also have potential this year too with this starfield. They won’t announce tes 6 so there’s nothing stopping gearbox from stealing e3.

    1. WITHOUT a shadow of a DOUBT my BUCKAROO. Thee only GAME I could see outshining BL3 is if Lord GabeN (take a bow) unleashes his unwavering LOVE and announces HALF-LIFE 3

  3. Excited for all theese games but… yeah, was hoping to see Devil May Cry V on the list… Oh well.
    Poor Xbone with Jerkdown 3 xD

    1. lmao dude, what happened to you? you’ve spent the past two years trolling on PlayStation articles.

      1. You got to go where the games are and xbox wants services/subscription app box.

        Im a trdational console gamer xbox is no longer a trdational gaming console.

        The x1x is my last xbox console.ill have a ps4 soon.

        1. Every time I read on somebody’s comment which represents my views and yet is written with mistakes it make me feel so dirty myself…

          1. Xbox doesnt care for what its gamers want so why should you feel any way.

            The only thing a xbox console will serve sa is a xbox live subscription box while other plfoforms dont have to pay.

            There us no readon to own a xbox console just to pay for xbox live when others wont have to.

            Example fortnight and and pc dont pay for live only the suckers dumb enough to buy xbox.

  4. I uhhh… I could really use some vehicular combat games these days, guys…

    …Sony, maybe dig up Twisted Metal please ? The entire genre has simply vanished… I am also kinda still really interested in that MediEvil remaster/remake/reimagining/reinvention/revitalization/rerererererere thing.

    1. I know right? I’d even take an online only Twisted Metal game any day of the week over that Drawn to Life game that David Jaffe made. Even for free I never touched that and I think nobody did since the entire premise of the game is based on a very off putting artstyle.

      1. Drawn to Death was a great idea. But it was lacking in animation so made it a little jarring to play, if only it had more animations between key frames.

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