What We Want To See From Ubisoft At E3

With E3 beginning later this week, the team got together to pen down their hopes, wants and needs from each publisher. You can find every single press conference time and date HERE.


First and foremost, I’m adamant we’ll get some news on a release date for the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC at Ubi’s presser. It might just be a small trailer, but given the positive press from the previews last month (and the amazing reveal of Mario + Rabbids last year) I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ubi throw this one into the spotlight early on in the conference. I’m most excited about the potential return of Splinter Cell, though, and the new Assassin’s Creed game looks like it’ll be pretty sweet. Ubisoft have an awesome lineup of games coming, and I’m really quite keen to see what they have to show. Hopefully we get a better look at Beyond Good & Evil 2 this year, alongside a reveal of a new UbiArt game (maybe a new Rayman?).


With Assassin’s Creed and The Division 2 both getting announced before E3, it’s hard to know exactly what else they’ve got to show. I was really hopeful for a new Watch Dogs game this year, as I definitely prefer that series fo Assassin’s Creed. Rumours have been swirling around a new Splinter Cell, so it’d be very cool to see what direction they take that in. I’d love to see them collaborate with Nintendo on another franchise, but I don’t know if that’s too likely this close to Mario + Rabbids.


With so many balls in the air right now I mainly want to see Ubisoft give their titles the time required to shine. Beyond Good & Evil should not and cannot be rushed despite it’s incredibly long gestation. Skull & Bones needs to be perfectly executed at launch day or it will be torn to shreds, let alone finding an opportune time to release. We will likely see Splinter Cell announced and I wouldn’t be shocked to see another Nintendo collaboration pop its head up after the fan response to Rabbids Kingdom.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, The Division 2, Just Dance 2019, The Crew 2, Skull and Bones, Beyond Good and Evil 2. Ubisoft already have so much for people to look forward to that it’s hard to fathom there’d be much time to fit in more at their press conference this year. Still, there are enough questions surrounding Ubi’s 2018-19 lineup that their pre-show will either be an eye-opener or a disappointment. Will we see a new Splinter Cell? Does the success of Mario + Rabbids mean more Nintendo collaborations ahead? What’s going on with Transference and Starlink? Ubisoft pls.


It’s hotly anticipated so I reckon I can safely predict the next Assassin’s Creed title will be set in Ancient Greece. I suspect it will tie back to Bayek’s timeline very closely and eventually become the mid-point in a trilogy of games ending with a title set in Ancient Rome, very much in the same vein of the Ezio trilogy of games.


There isn’t a whole lot in the Ubisoft catalogue that appeals to me, personally. I did love Origins, though I’m a tad cautious about letting the hype beast consume me as Assassin’s Creed returns to its original year-to-year output that saw the quality of the series decline in the first place. I do love the setting of Odyssey, and I hope it is a raging success only because it might make folks thirst for a sequel to the criminally underrated Ryse. I’d also truly love to see more UbiArt Frameworks games, much like Valiant Hearts that came out a few years back. A truly affecting story with a gorgeous aesthetic. If Ubisoft can repeat that, they’re onto a winner in my book.

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