There’s A New Command & Conquer Game, But It’s For Mobile

There was a collective gasp as Redwood Studios took the stage during EA Play when it became apparent a new Command & Conquer game was on its way. This was followed by a collective sigh as the masses realised it was a mobile game.

Command & Conquer: Rivals is the name of the game and it is a fairly simple take on the iconic strategy franchise, pitting two people against each other with the task of holding down two of three bases to take control of a missile. As the missile’s countdown exhausts, whoever controls the minority takes a devastating hit from the warhead.

Whoever sends two missiles to their opponent’s side first wins. Simple as that.

This is bound to be met with some disappointment, though at least EA hasn’t forgotten about Command & Conquer entirely. The game is in alpha now on the Google Play store, and I’m sure word of other releases will trickle out shortly.

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