All Of Xbox’s Announcements At E3

So, Xbox’s conference has come and gone and there’s a hell of a lot to get through. Microsoft didn’t hold back here, bringing bomb after bomb. It can’t be argued that it was one of Xbox’s best showings ever.

Let’s get right into the key announcements from Xbox’s conference.

Halo Infinite Revealed For Xbox One

Xbox’s conference opened with a bang as they revealed a brand new Halo title. The game is called Halo: Infinite and it’s still developed by 343 Industries and it’s powered by something called the “slipspace engine”.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Is Beautiful And It’s Out Next Year

“Wasting no time jumping into their exclusives, Microsoft revealed a brand new trailer for Ori and the Will Of The Wisps, the follow up to one of my favourites, Ori and the Blind Forest.”

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Revealed As From Software’s New Game

“Microsoft offered up the world premiere of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the game that has long been anticipated as From Software’s new title. It also comes to us from Activision, who are signed on as publisher.”

Fallout 76 Is Four Times The Size Of Fallout 4, Says Todd Howard

“Bethesda’s Todd Howard took to the stage to not only announce that Fallout 4 was coming to Xbox Game Pass today but to debut gameplay for Fallout 76.”

The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit Joins The Life Is Strange Universe

“Courtesy of Square Enix and Dontnod comes The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a wonderfully quirky title from the makers of Life is Strange. Even better, the game shares a universe with its predecessor.”

Nier: Automata Makes The Existential Jump To Xbox One This Month

“Square Enix have announced today that the bizarre yet critically acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusive NieR: Automata will be coming to Xbox One. The game will be known as the Become As Gods Edition and will feature all previously released downloadable content.”

Crackdown 3 Releases On The Already Stacked February 22 Next Year

“Crackdown 3 has been plagued by delays since day dot, but fortunately, the game has a release date that it might stick to. Unfortunately for the Xbox hopes, it’s on an already busy release day if you’re an Anthem or Days Gone fan.”

Xbox Showed Off A Good Chunk Of Kingdom Hearts III Just Now

“The trailer confirms several details about the game, including the fact that we’ll visit a Frozen themed world and meet Elsa from the film as well. We also caught a glimpse of the Gummy Ship sections as well as the voice cast speaking in English.”

Metro: Exodus Is Stunning And It’s Out Next Year

“During Microsoft’s extremely packed conference, 4A Games were in attendance to show off more of Metro: Exodus, the third instalment in their Metro series.”

Forza Horizon 4 Is Set In Scotland And Features Full Seasons

“Playground was in attendance at Xbox’s conference to reveal one of the worst kept secrets from their catalogue, Forza Horizon 4.”

Microsoft Have Bought All The Studios, And Are Opening One Too

“Phil Spencer took to the stage today to confirm that Xbox have opened a brand new studio dedicated to creating new IP and new worlds.”

The Best Tales Game, Tales Of Vesperia, Is Coming To Xbox One

“In a surprising announcement, Microsoft revealed that Tales of Vesperia, also known as the best Tales game, has a definitive edition coming to Xbox One.” 

Xbox Has Given Us A First Look At The Division 2, A Beta, And When It’s Coming

“Ubisoft have given gamers their first look at The Division 2, which looks to be taking place in Washington DC. At the Xbox Briefing today, the publisher showed off a conceptual trailer setting the scene for the game’s story.”

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Has Finally Got A Gameplay Trailer

“While it had one of the leakiest showings ever, Xbox tonight have revealed the first-ever look at gameplay footage of Shadow of the Tomb Raider.”

Skate’s Spiritual Successor, Session, Is Coming To Xbox First

“It might not be Skate 4, but it’s a start. Made by Crea-ture Studios, a Canadian developer, Session was kickstarted last year and it appears that it’ll be making its way to the Xbox One first, ahead of other platforms.”

Just Cause 4 Just Debuted An Explosive Trailer

“Despite being leaked in the lead-up to the conference, like everything else, Avalanche Studios and Square Enix have debuted an explosive new trailer for Just Cause 4.”

Sea Of Thieves Doesn’t Want You To Trade It In, Details Future Content Drops

“In amidst the carnage of Xbox’s relentless announcements, Rare also revealed some of their Sea of Thieves content updates that’ll be hitting the game in July and September respectively.”

Capcom Have Finally Revealed Devil May Cry V

“Capcom have finally revealed Devil May Cry V, the long rumoured sequel to Devil May Cry 4. While there was a sort of reboot previously in the series, the franchise has returned to the story of Nero and presumably Dante.”

Jump Force Revealed As Huge Anime Mash-Up

“In one of the more surprising trailers to come out of Microsoft’s action-packed conference, Bandai Namco revealed Jump Force which appears to pit a number of anime icons against one another.”

Dying Light 2 Is Coming Next Year, Chris Avellone To Contribute

“Chris Avellone is working with Techland to create the world of Dying Light 2, which is allegedly in a state that he likens to being in “the modern dark ages”.”

Tunic Appears To Be An Adorable Adventure For Xbox

“If you told me that Tunic debuted last year at E3, I’d call you a damned liar but apparently it’s one that just snuck under the radar. How it did, however, puzzles me as it’s certainly an adorable looking game featuring a wily fox.”

Battletoads Is Coming Back In 2019

“In a pretty tongue-in-cheek trailer, it was revealed that the three toads would be coming back to Xbox next year with three-player couch co-op, 4K hand-drawn graphics and body-morphing genre mash-ups.”

Cuphead, Mugman And Ms. Chalice Are Returning For One Delicious Last Course

“Microsoft and Studio MDHR have announced that Cuphead will be getting a downloadable expansion called The Delicious Last Course. In it, Cuphead and Mugman are joined by Ms. Chalice (who is now playable) on a brand new island.”

Gears Tactics Is A New X-Com Inspired Gears Of War Experience

“The Coalition today announced that they’ll be working on several new Gears of War experiences for Xbox One in the near future. One of those was Gears Tactics.”

Gears Of War 5 Sees You Playing As Kait Diaz

“They also revealed that you’ll be playing as Kait Diaz, who was a secondary player in the predecessor that featured Marcus Fenix’s son, J.D. It looks as though this sequel will explore who she is as a character, following on from the revelations at the end of Gears 4.”

CD Projekt Red Literally Hacked The Xbox Stage To Showcase Cyberpunk 2077

“At the end of the Xbox Conference tonight, CD Projekt Red theatrically hacked the Xbox Stage to show off the first ever gameplay footage of Cyperpunk 2077.”

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